VB18 Avatar Chess

The Performance Document for VB18 is now published as our exciting, dynamic, full color even, VB/CO Magazine – Issue No.4!!



5 June 2010 – Noon-2pm SLT

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum
Rosalie Oldrich • Curt Kongo

House of Alisha
Alisha Ultsch

I first met Alisha Ultsch nearly a year ago.
I was thinking about doing a performance at the Drottningholm sim, and contacted her about period design, style & mores. Of course she knew everything.
Sadly Drottningholm sank, literally, before we had a chance to do a performance.
We stayed in touch, and earlier this year Alisha IM’d me and said, “Why don’t we do ‘Avatar Chess?’”
I probably replied something to the effect of, “What’s that?”
The rest… is history…

View the magazine, get in the game!


The colors at Issuu always seem to be a little bit more washed out that normal web colors. This magazine, VB/CO No.4, seems to have taken the hardest hit with tragically anemic saturation and gamma. Compare the images on this blog post. You can download the PDF from the Issuu/vaneeesa site, and see splendid color on your monitor. (and it’s such a trifle at a silly little 96.7mb (but it’ll still download way faster than a 512×512 pixel texture in SL!!! 😛


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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