Harper Beresford

In thinking about SL7B (yet) again, I had to think about Harper Beresford. Harper was really the one stuck between the rock and the hard place of Rosegate. The Lindens wanted to assert their TOS, and Rose wanted to assert her artistic freedom. The Lindens got an event that conformed to their TOS/Ratings, Rose got free publicity, and, as a volunteer, Harper got a ton of shit and not nearly enough thanks for her seemingly round-the-clock efforts to get everyone set-up, accommodated, and happy.

Harper & Vaneeesa @VB/CO Pavilion @SL7B
Harper -- as she looked the first time I met her -- and I, on the roof of the VB/CO Pavilion @SL7B

Like Rose and others, I think Harper was truly hurt by the divisiveness. When people actually care about things, conflicts shouldn’t be surprising, still, can’t we… can’t we find a way to integrate massive efforts by multiple parties without crushing anyone? …can’t we all just get along?

Harper stares at Vaneeesa on the chess board
Meee, trying to play chess, with Red staring at me from the pavilion walls. How's a girl supposed to get naked in a PG Sim with Red constantly watching you and ready to give stink-eye to the slightest infraction -- seesh! -- she's unbearable!!! 😛

Whether you’re the one writing the TOS, or the one exerting your creativity, I think we all need to pay more attention to details, outcomes, and consequences. Our carelessness, or even just our trying to cope in the face of overwhelmingfulnessness, can’t be the cause of the collateral damage of amazing, dedicated peeps getting dumped on as their thanks. My own experience of SL7B was that Harper was always there, always helpful, always working hard, always gracious.

Typical of her dedication, she posts a new entry on her fashion blog every day at 10am SLT. You can read it here:


Thank you Harper, it was a privilege.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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