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was a different artwork for us. It was a performance of sorts… or an installation anyway… instead of a group “performing a score”… in this site-specific work for SL7B (Second Life 7th Birthday celebration) we asked peeps to answer a short survey about their avatar. The answers they gave and the images they provided became the walls of the exhibition.

The interior walls were this I AVATAR project, and the exterior walls were a “VB/CO Museum” of selections from the first year+ of the company. Also inside was our earlier-in-June performance, VB18 – AVATAR CHESS, with costumes designed by Alisha Ultsch and chess board adapted by Lyssa Varun!

The images of all of this have now been published as the 1st issue of VB/CO Magazine!


I’m really loving WordPress, it’s powerful & compelling. Unfortunately, in addition to charging you for things that are free at Blogger (eg CSS Editing) WordPress also doesn’t support Issuu embedding, which Blogger does. Oh well… just go to Issuu and look at the magaine – it’s pretty cool. I love the in-world mags, but lag/ridiculously slow servers make them agonizing to look thru – @Issuu you’ll see the pages turn like they were paper – very exciting!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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