Fiona Blaylock

photograph of Vaneeesa Blaylock and Fiona Blaylock at a train yard near Builder's Brewery

I took a class at Builders Brewry and who should be in it but my sister Fiona.

Oh gawd, how long has it been since I’ve seen her?

I was so happy to see her.
She drives me crazy.

I hate her.
I love her.

Family can be so complicated…

POSTSCRIPT, 6 April 2012 — I hadn’t seen my “baby sis” for a long time and I was kind of excited to see her and probably clingy about it and I think she was ok with running into me but maybe cooler about it. IDK. It’s embarrassing to actually realize, to admit, how petty and pissy you can be, but anyway, about a week after this meeting I tore up her phone number and deleted her email address. And didn’t see her for almost another year.

The planet of 7 billion was kinder than the lottery this time and we did bump into each other again and this time we were maybe on more similar levels. Anyway, we don’t have lunch every week, but we keep in touch and we have a pretty decent relationship now. And she helped my daughter Xue when she was starting her magazine, which was really nice of her.

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