Saturday 8 May 2010 • Noon – 2pm SLT
Vista Hermosa Art Center
Skin & Shoes: Kai Heideman / Powers of Creation
Hair & Eyes: Carina Larsen / Amacci

After a spectacular 26-hour performance at the Odyssey Performance Simulator celebrating their 1st anniversary of work here in SL, VB/CO now fully launches their sophomore season by returning to their point of origin… the place of their birth, The Vista Hermosa Art Center where VB01 – GIRL NEXT DOOR was performed.

This return to the point of origin is not only metaphorical, but literal, as the cast of VB/CO will comingle 30 of their bodies to create in human form a structure conceived by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, 25 centuries ago.

Forget 2012, forget Nostradamus, forget the Jupiter Effect, forget tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves… the forces unleashed when the final element of this ancient power structure is set in place might easily rip this world apart and summon it’s demise.

(and given the band-aids & bubble gum most ot the LL servers run on, this is entirely more likely than you might imagine!)

The performance will take place at the outdoor ampitheater above the galleries of VHAC. Viewer Environments should be set to midnight. This will not only allow the best viewing of the performance, but when the final element of our structure is set in place, audience members should gaze carefully into the night sky… if, one-by-one, you see the stars of the night sky start to extinguish… pray hard.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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