VB Previz #31 – Gracie Kendall (GK3)

The Gracie Kendal Project- A Conversation with my Avatar.

Gracie, this particular image is one of my favorites – it’s such an elegant / powerful piece.

The courage and vision you have is amazing, this is such a powerful, exciting piece of work / research project.

I know you’re still getting rolling with this, so I’m hesitant to offer feedback too soon… but I wonder if you’re in a little bit of a rut? With Kris and Gracie having this continual “yeah, so?” dialog (grossly oversimplified! 😛

I’m really not sure what different direction or different way this interaction could go… I’m sure it will evolve over time… it somehow feels like there could be a different nature to the interaction… reaching for a deeper insight…

I can’t promise a direct connection, but here’s two books you might read:

An Anthropologist on Mars
Oliver Sacks

An Invisible Sign of My Own
Aimee Bender

Good luck Gracie, it’s an incredible project. You are an extraordinary individual, I’m so happy you are in this world.

— Vaneeesa

I love this “cartoon” for many reasons… but it’s additionally intersting that Gracie speaks of a “mirror.” More than any other experience, I continually find SL to hold a mirror up to RL. How many times have I said “Oh, so SL doesn’t really run that deep… it’s actually kind of brittle and shallow… oh wait… isn’t RL just the same!?”

I’m not sure that’s exactly the sort of mirror Gracie was talking about, but it certainly seems true that there are a lot of mirror worlds in this wonderland. Maybe we should primp in the mirror a little less. Maybe we should examine our lives in the mirror a little more.

Yet another mirror is McLuhan’s rear-view mirror. He said that if you wanted to know the future, all you had to do was look at the present clearly… because most of us don’t live in the sublime intensity of this moment… we find it easier to live in the comfort of the rear-view mirror.

NOTE: On Saturday 1 May 2010 VB/CO will perform VB16 – Gracie / Krisfrom Noon – 2pm SLT. Location TBD.

In this work 16 avatars will stand in a 4×4 grid, a sort of Gracie/Kris “spectrum”.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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