Bryn Oh’s Brain

eep! I forget the title of this piece! But it reminds me of Nam June Paik’s TV Buddha

Bryn Oh’s Immersiva

I suppose 2D art has always been the bread and butter of RL & SL.

Hmm… is that true?

The cave art/experience at Lascaux… Chartres Cathedral… these immersive experiences are really the Imax theatres of their day…

What’s the Imax exierience of the 21st century? Why, virtual worlds, of course! I was blown away by Burning Life, and today I was blown away again by Bryn Oh’s amazing Immersiva — that’s actually a perfect name for the work… but none-the-less, I can’t stop myself from calling it, Bryn Oh’s Brain!

This amazing sim truly is a total installation in the full Kabakovian sense. It is not to be missed!

Yes, that’s me in my underwear in the middle of Bryn’s snow/static field. I used to be a nice girl in pajamas, but my friend Carina keeps making me wear goth skins and lingerie – she’s so evil!
Carina / Amacci

I’m sure I come off like a real *b* on the subject of 2D art sometimes. And, I really don’t mean to… I’ve made a lot of 2D art IRL… and I *love* a lot of the 2D art I’ve seen in both RL & SL.

A funny thing happened recently… I was at someone’s 2D opening in SL… and as I was looking at the work I was doing barre exercises… I do barre work a lot in SL… perhaps, *cough* because I, uh, don’t get around to it much in RL! 😛

Anyway, one of the guests asked me to stop. I, of course, got pissy and left. I really shouldn’t have though, I was being disruptive. 2D art sometimes wants a lot of reverence from you. It’s not exactly like falling on your knees in a church… I have been mesmerized and in dialog with 2D art for hours… but yes, it can be demanding.

What’s so amazing about a place… a space… a moment… a gift… like this crazy dwell between Bryn’s mosquito Ferris wheel and her sensorium cloud… is how capacious it is… how generous it is… and how it invites not just your brain… but also your body… to exist in resonance with it… in this time and in this space…

I love this work
I love this place

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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