Time • Transcendence • Performance

PDF of above document for physical world audience in Melbourne – Right-Click & Save-As:

On Thursday afternoon (AEST, or Wednesday evening SLT) we’re performing at the conference
@Monash University in Melbourne, Australia

TTP is an RL/SL conference, with speakers & performances on Monash’s physical campus, including Stelarc and many other exciting artists.

And it includes many performances at Monash’s virtual campus. Some conference attendees will be in-world for these performances, and others will be off-world, watching in an RL conference room with a big projector.

We often think of being there as the coin of the realm. No reproduction can ever compare to seeing a “real” painting in a “real” art museum — only there can you luxuriate in all of Vincent’s amazing impasto stabs at the canvas.

I hate to give it away, but in VB09 • EVENT, we consider the idea of “Event”… of the nature of the event in our culture of spectacle. Fifteen avatars will stand motionless under a 25 minute countdown clock. At 0:00, they’ll pull out pillows and start whacking at the audience!!!

At the “virtual” audience that is. At least for those who choose to really project into the experiences of their avatar, the in-world experience can be quite intense. When you get a pillow in the face, hear a thud, and see feathers fly, I think that will be an intense experience.

However the “RL”… or better put, “Physical World” audience in Melbourne watching on a big projector, mostly will not be in-world. So they won’t get a “real” pillow in the face, but will only see a “cartoon” of it on a screen.

We have company members in, among other places, Canada and Germany. I suspect it will be the case, that the off-world audience in the physical world host city, Melbourne, will have a decidedly diminished experience of the performance, compared to the in-world audience from Canada, German, and elsewhere, who are “really” there.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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