VB Previz #25 – Fire Walk With Me

In addition to our Theme Camp Proposal, we have been invited to submit a stage proposal for Burning Life 2009:

VB Previz #25 – Fire Walk With Me

The first question about this piece is about the title: where does the comma go? Who or what is the subject? Are you asking someone take a fire walk with you? Or are you asking fire to accompany you on a journey?

Our performance art company, “Vaneeesa Blaylock,” enthusiastically embraces The 10 Principles. The first principle, Radical Inclusion, really says it all for us. We are thrilled at the possibility of performing on your stage during Burning Life ’09. But we don’t want it to be, “The Artist/Celebrities of Vaneeesa Blaylock are on stage for you mere mortals to gaze admiringly at.” We welcome and respect the stranger. Our performance on your stage wants to be, must be, one that carries no prerequisites for participation. The community is invited to watch, and if they are so moved, take the stage with us as equals.

It is said that fire is never symmetrical: never two branches or four, but that each ephemeral leap of flame can be decomposed into series of combusting triads. In Fire Walk With Me we propose to create series of identical avatar triplets and present them on stage. The performance will begin with cast triplets on stage, and for the duration of the performance we will assist community members in creating new sets of triplets who will join in on stage.

Around the site facing the stage we will install a series of simple, liteweight “Creation Stations” where we will provide free & full perm skin & shape elements. We will assist community members in selecting and/or creating their own skin & shape elements. As each new set of triplets is born, they will take their place on the stage.

Like a fanned fire, the on-stage cast will swell as the performance proceeds and then like fully combusted wood, this newly formed cast, composed of newly created sisters and brothers, will dissipate at performance’s end.

The on-stage time will have completed its cycle. But the new relationships and concepts will, we hope, live on.



PRIMS: Not many – we will focus on avatars and non-prim skin/clothing. The Creation Stations will be simple and liteweight.
PREP TIME: We can do most of our prep off stage. An hour should be sufficient to set at the venue.
PERFORMANCE TIMES: Our traditional performance time is Saturday Noon-2pm SLT. Our international cast is generally available at this time. We are also happy to arrange to perform at whatever days/times work with your schedule. Frequency is negotiable, again, accommodating your needs as best as possible.

Here is the text of the SL Notecard requesting this proposal:



Dear Friend

Your name is given to me from Talia Tokugawa, one of the volunteers with BURNING LIFE 2009.
As one of her helpers and as the core firedancer for the opening show 17th of October I have taken upon my shoulders to help create a super Fire burning event during the week Oct 17 – 25 2009.


Burning Life would like to ask you if you would like to participate with your work of fire, firework, particle show, fire installation or whatever work you do as long as it is related to fire in all its many aspects or potentially something around the theme of Burning Life this year “Evolution”.

Second Life has so much potential when it comes to “shows” that for the most part is unexplored. Your names came up in dicussion of those people that either already do similar or work in areas in which doing similar would not be a great jump. (ie. Talia knows of you stuff and likes it 😉 )

I like if you will send me a note with a short description of what you like to do, exhibit, please name it” 2 Yman,BL from xxxx ” (your name).
Would be good if the note includes an approximation of prims, time for prep and performance, how often and when would be good times for performances.

We the organizers like to create a Burning Life event where Fire is brought into the forefront, where the energy of the sun, the creator and destroyer of matter is in focus, where the life giving heat and light is given due respect and where the symbolic symbolization of love is expressed in all its many variations.

Let me hear from you soon….. We really like to let you present your work…….. sister Yman Juran

ps. If you’d prefere a more static installation please speak with White Lebed about Fire Art Installations.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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