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Boofy Halfpint, Pathfinder Linden, and the cast of VB06

== VB06 – GOLDEN / RED ==

== VB06 LINKS ==
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• VB06 Design Competition
• VB06 New World Notes – Tuesday 7 July, 2pm
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== VB06 – DESIGN NOTES (wiki) ==

Vaneeesa, Seasprite, and SanitLEOlions discussing performance logistics, including laying down a bleached pine floor to cover the attractive, but performance distracting, glass flooring.

Senban, NightOwl & Vaneeesa meet with Leo in his alternate avatar!

Pennyroyal at Drottningholm Palace where she and Vaneeesa met. They dropped in at the same time having received a notice from the Criss Museum about an artist exhibiting there. They were quite confused by the absence of the art… and the presence of voluminous FAQs describing how you could get bounced for failing to adhere to the RP TOS! It was a lot just to see a little art.

In the end Pennyroyal joined the cast for VB06, describing herself as “excited and nervous,” and Vaneeesa wrote up a previz for a 1778 performance at Drottingham.

Oh so many things can come from one little message! Thank you Criss Museum!! We love you!!!

Looking at scarves!

LEFT: A version of Boofy’s scarf & Red Tights, v2
CENTER: The Previz
RIGHT: Kali’s red tights, v1 & stand pose

Scarf notes

Vaneeesa, Fen, Takira & Senban
doing the Abbey Road thing… note that Fen, in the “Paul position,” is barefoot. There is a whole, arcane mythology about this. Allegedly, if you play the inner groove of the Sgt. Pepper record backwards, you can hear the garbled voice of VB Stage Manager Senban saying, “I buried Fen”

What does this mean? Is our Fen not the *real* Fen? Imposter? Clone? She has the appearance and behavoir of Fen… but she is not Fen!? Very, very mysterious!

George, Vaneeesa, Senban & “Fen” wearing different versions of Boofy’s scarf. (Well, George isn’t really wearing a scarf, but you know what I mean 😛

Our scarf design contest winner Boofy was awarded an L$3,000 prize.
ABOVE: pose testing with Pennyroyal standing in for Leo
BELOW: Mak standing in for Leo and Glenn for Boofy
BELOW BELOW: Testing the big check pose with the actual Leo

Leo speaking on St. Leo University reziversary day!

Some of the VB cast listening to Leo

St. Leo University students AND VB Cast members Jadore & Sevena

Once upon a time Vaneeesa had this cute little idea that all the performances would be on: 06-06-09, 07-07-09, 08-08-09 etc… What we learned is that a Tuesday is a terrible day for many of our cast members!

So, except for our October performance, Event, at time • transcendence • performance at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, we’re hoping to have all performances on Saturdays now.

Above are Mak & Valerie, who had time conflicts with the performance, but were nice enough to zip in for a bit and see how the piece turned out.

Seasprite giving the cast one of her legendary pep talks!

ABOVE: Lyssa & Senban primp for the afterparty!
BELOW: Vaneeesa appears unlikely to make it to the afterparty.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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