VB05 / VBFM #1 – Brooklyn is Watching


a 19-hour flashmob from
Thursday, 2 July 09, 6pm SLT
Friday, 3 July 09, 1pm SLT

VENUE: Brooklyn is Watching
GOLD SCARF: Boofy Halfpint
RED TIGHTS: Kali Meads
SCULPTURE: Oberon Onmura, Big Brick Blocks

Connie Arida’a VB05 Photos

Senban’s been pushing for us to do a flashmob for a while… and appropriately enough… one spontaneously happened! So spontaneous that Senban almost missed the whole thing! Fortunately she got to catch the tail end of our 19-hour marathon.

=== VB05 – CAST ===
It’s a little hard to know who exactly the “cast” was for this, since the *participants* included VB Cast members, non-cast members, non-cast members who then became cast members…

So we’ll simple-it-up and do like our creative malcontent friends over at the Cacophony Society, who’s motto is “you may already be a member”… So… here’s a list of everybody who put the outfit on and spent any part of the 19 hours with us at Brooklyn is Watching.

AutoPilotPatty Poppy
Charlee Luminos
Glenn Milneaux
Heathers Miles
Lyssa Varun
Maeve Emerald
Mak Outlander
Rebekah Newall
Saphrim Aeon
Seasprite Destiny
Senban Babii
Shirley Marquez
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Zola Zsun

If I missed anyone… my apologies, and LMK!

I’d never been to Brooklyn is Watching, and was so excited on my first visit, that I started calling VB peeps to come on down… a bunch of VB Cast members turned up… but a bunch of new peeps also came by, and when I gave them our Golden/Red wardrobe sample, most of them put it on and hung out with us.

Lyssa Varun when she arrived as a mermaid… and moments later after having been assimilated!

Maeve Emerald, Charlee Luminos, Shirley Marquez as they arrived… and later as they sat on one of the beams of Oberon Onmura’s sculpture.

Note that we are equal opportunity and I did give the Golden/Red prototype outfit to several guys who came by… sadly, none of them chose to wear it (actually, they didn’t even try it!)

Unlike a sandbox, the return on stuff you rez at BiW is a week! This is pretty cool for being able to show art… but the combat for sim space is brutal. I rezzed one jar… and had to wait 2 or 3 hours before the place dipped below the prim limit so I could rez another.

Meanwhile, we hung out in Oberon Onmura’s Big Brick Blocks which is a pretty cool sculpture. When you enter it assembles itself… and stays that way as long as anyone is inside… when the last foot of the last person exits… **CRASH** the whole place disintegrates!

While we were hanging out in the sculpture Shirley rezzed (don’t ask me how! 😛 a piano and brought it up to us perched in the sculpture… three of us sat at the keyboard and played!

It turns out that Brooklyn actually only watches 9am – 3pm SLT/PDT Friday to Monday. So, except for perhaps a bit at the tail end… Brooklyn did not actually watch… or at least the peeps in Physical Brooklyn didn’t… all the peeps who came thru the BiW sim, of course did!

It was a treat for all of us to visit this fascinating sim. We’ll return one day… when both Brooklyn’s are watching!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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