Eloh Eliot – Starlight

Starlight IV, originally uploaded by Eloh Eliot.

kk — sorry my 2nd SL artist post is about the same artist as the first one! Honest, there are lots of other amazing SL artists, and I’ll try to talk about a few of them very soon. But this is a special moment: the master is back at the drawing board!

Eloh Eliot is working on her third skin series: Starlight.

Starlight III, originally uploaded by Eloh Eliot.

All I’m really doing in this post is representing for you the images she’s posting in near-real-time to her Flickr stream. ATM she’s posting a new image about every other day. You owe it to yourself to go there and watch things unfold.

Just the other day I was looking at some particularly unimpressive work by an SL artist, and was overwhelmed by the multiple paragraphs on how they’d DMCA rip me a new one if I even took a sideways look at their work. (as if anyone would)

I continue to be amazed and enriched that a craftswoman of EE’s calibre can have such an open and progressive perspective on IP. She really combines the finest of 19th century craftswomanship with the most progressive of 21st century ideologies.

Starlight II, originally uploaded by Eloh Eliot.

Like a Captain Kirk, or Serena Williams, it’s just a privilege to see a player of Eloh Eliot’s class in action one more time.

My previous post on EE.

Starlight I, originally uploaded by Eloh Eliot.


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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