VB Previz #11 – Bitch

Visualization: Rokkit Bitch by Annie Aaris

So, I was playing around in Looklet again… not because we need another previz from their (for our purposes) somewhat limited previz pallet, but just because it’s fun to play with. And “entertainment” is, of course, our #1 mission!

When I suddenly had another one of those, “am I really this slow?” epiphanies! ATM Looklet has 172,000 visualizations that their citizen-stylists have created. So, why on earth am I creating more!? The “art,” should be just in selecting from the universe of already existing look designs. (a cousin of the idea that all Facebooks are actually the same)

So, I searched the 172,000 looks for all looks containing the word “Bitch” in the title or description. I got 165 results. I picked 8 of those and put them on this page.

Visualization: Bitch by Bia

And now… the VB Cast / Staff / Audience is invited to Vote! on the look you’d most like to see used in a performance in the 2nd half of 2009 — and one of those unsuspecting citizen-stylists will become (whether they like it or not! 😛 Our VB stylist for that performance!

So, look through these 8 visualizations, pick your 3 favs, and at the bottom of this post is a survey where you can vote for them. As long as you’re clickin’… we threw in 2 questions about the best Days/Times for performances for you.

Visualization: A’s Bitch Project by Ega Gandhi

Visualization: Bitch at Beach by Gayatri

Visualization: Naughty Little Bitch by Kimba

Visualization: Let’s Go to the Beach, Bitch? by Lennodk

Visualization: Nautical Bitch by Mr. B

Visualization: Velvet Bitch by Paulo Borges
Description: The most used look in Brazil’s clubs.

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