VB06 – Design Contest

Attention Fashion Design Students & Emerging Designers

Scarf Design Contest

Vaneesa Blaylock, Performance Artist, announces a Scarf Design Contest for students and emerging designers. The scarf will be used as the design in Vaneeesa’s next performance:

== VB06: Golden / Red ==

The piece will involve 16 avatars wearing a scarf and red tights as visualized here : VB Previz #1 – Golden / Red

These 16 avatars could be wearing a scarf of your design!
Contest deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 4 pm SLT.

The performance will be held on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 – 2-4 pm SLT.
The 16 avatars will claim the floor in the Main Gallery on the virtual campus of St Leo University, in the Main Gallery:
(St. Leo’s University is located in Florida in RL)

Ms. Blaylock’s work is described in this blog, I Rez Therefore I Am
Vaneeesa Blaylock’s series in SL explores themes of Identity, Individuality, persona, embodiment, and uniqueness, vis-a-vis the culture of our 21st century worlds.

VB03: Vientecinco Mujeres, which took place in Caledon Oxbridge Village, featured 25 female avatars in identical shoes and their own unique bodies. It was reviewed in The News from Bardhaven

Our distinguished contest judges include noted SL artist, Sledge Roffo, gallerist/photographer, Autopilotpatty Poppy, and conceptual artist and professor Lothar Leborski.

Scarf Requirements:
Your scarf should be golden in color and should drape similarly to the scarf shown in the pre-visualization. The scarf as pictured is wool and drapes beautifully on the body. Since the performers will be walking to their positions in the gallery space, the scarf would need to maintain coverage by design, by glitch undercovering, or in some other fashion. Use your creativity to solve this problem! Explain your solution on a notecard detailing design. The scarf should not contribute significantly to lag, nor should it create an ARC that would be problematic. We anticipate 16 performers and an audience of at least that size. The designers should keep that in mind. The performers will each be wearing an identical copy of the same scarf, but adjusted to fit their particular body. The scarf should reflect Ms. Blaylock’s work and the theme of the show.

Scarves that meet the contest requirements will be displayed in the St. Leo’s Main Gallery. Qualifying entries may also be used in one or more publication shoots, whether they are the winning scarf or not. There may be an additional display opportunity after the performance in an alternate location. All scarves used will be credited to their designer.

There is no cash payment involved, however, the winning design and honorable mention designs will receive publicity and the winning designer can use the phrase “As featured in VB 06: Golden / Red” in advertising.

Intellectual Property: The copyright and intellectual property of the scarf remain entirely your own. By entering your scarf in the contest, you are verifying that it is your own design and you have full rights to share it. Any textures used in the scarf, or templates, should be identified as to source. You are giving us first rights to wear and exhibit the scarf before, during and after a performance, in multiple locations. The scarf should not have been previously sold in SL. We have the right to modify the scarf or scarves chosen, to fit the individual performers and to meet the artistic needs of the performance as well as any photo shoots or publicity opportunities.

Each performer and staff member will be allowed to keep one no-copy, no-transfer version of the scarf after the performance.

How to enter:
To enter the contest, give the following three things to Seasprite Destiny:
In a folder called Scarf Contest Entry (your name)
1. Your scarf including all layers set to full permissions (Modify, Copy, Transfer) named Scarf Contest Entry. (If there are separate pieces to solve the modesty problem, please include all pieces and title and layer appropriately.)
2. A notecard called (your name) Bio. The Bio card should contain a brief biography of you and your history as a designer, including an explanation of your status as a student or emerging designer.
3. A notecard called (your name) Design . It should carefully explain your design for the scarf, how it relates to the themes of Vaneeesa Blaylock’s work, and how you propose to maintain modesty.

Notecards should be in English for judging and we will be happy to include your bio and artist’s statement in your own language in the gallery program.

Again, deadline for submission is Wednesday, July 1, 4 pm SLT.
For further information, contact Seasprite Destiny in SL or at seasprite.destiny@gmail.com.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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