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Avatars & Web2.0 Tools

VB03 001, originally uploaded by Senban Babii.

I claim that my work has a lot to do with the tangled web we weave… but I have a lot to learn.

On these pages, *I* have posted a lot about the work… but with our VB03 performance, I’ve realized that perhaps an even greater work would simply be to aggregate the posting that others generate in the process.

So, first up a photo from the Vaneeesa Blaylock Flickr group by cast member Senban,

and a YouTube video by cast member Jenni:

And suddenly I realized, duh! Obviously, avatars use web2.0 tools!

Many of the avatars I know are paranoid that Facebook is going to kick them off for being “fake”.

Some of the avatars I have met are more “real” than some of the physical people I know… but we are still “fake” to Facebook.

Everyone has been thinking about “Robots vs Humans.” Who knew it would be Avatars vs Humans… that is… Us vs Us!

Then again, long before Facebook started booting avatars, Friendster kicked off the “Fakesters”. As I understand it (occurred before I was born!) Friendster sort of wanted to be a dating site, and they only wanted “real” datable people. So they kicked off a lot of Fakesters, and also a lot of musicians.

Then Myspace said to the recently kicked off Friendsters… “How can we help you?”

Today many of the Facebook banned have turned to Plurk, where you can not only say you are from The Netherlands or Germany or Japan… but you can list your “Country” as Second Life.

Is the avatar better suited to web2.0 tools than the human? Does a virtual being relate and integrate better with virtual tools than a physical (or “meat” as Senban likes to say) being?

Our own cast member Forceme has over 30 blogs! Many of the avatars I’ve encountered on Facebook have many hundreds or even thousands of friends. If/when Facebook does kick us off, it will be a massive rupturing of their social tapestry.

(but, of course, Facebook will survive this, because as noted elsewhere in this blog, Facebook isn’t ultimately about you, it’s about the “Thrill Ride” that is Facebook (or “Fast food burger joint” as Senban likes to say)

there’s more to say on this…
Romanticism vs Realism (or maybe that’s a separate topic)

I’ve been at it all day…
I’m tired…
Finish tomorrow…

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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