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DATE: Saturday, 06-06-09
TIME: 2-4pm SLT

=== VENUE ===
Poppy’s Place Galleria
Caledon Kintyre/176/206/23

=== WARDROBE ===
Playa Llevante shoes by Monyka Benelli
YourSkin & YourShape Shop, Itland Village I 69/44/27

Seasprite Destiny
Zola Zsun

=== CAST ===
Aja Seriman
Charly December
Dawns Larnia
Downy Swain
Dylana Wetherby
Fen Shinn
Forceme Silverspar
Friday Blaisdale
Giovanna Coberts
Glenn Milneaux
Heatherbee Wetherby
Jadore Rajal
Jami Mills
Jennifer Roundfield
Misticia Moonwall
Nathalia Schmooz
NightOwl Meridoc
Ravyn Inglewood
Rebekah Newall
Senban Babii
Shayna Nizna
Taisie Sugarplum
Takira Ninetails
Tanya Zane
VickyLovely GossipGirl
Vivien Yedmore
Zola Zsun

Click on any image to see a larger, more detailed photo.

Drinking bukkits of coffee while we wait for permission to set up.

Cast starting to get in place.

The performance was in a spectacular old gazebo at the center of the park.

The alphabet of names… and styles… from Zola to Aja…

Enormous thanks to our cast and our crew, our audience and our hosts in Caledon.

…and then we were done…

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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