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Avatars Illustrated

Issue No.1, March
2011 Swimsuit

Agnes Sharple
Armany Thursday
Betty Tureaud
Carina Falworth
Cody The Lion King
Cookie Salamander
Dyce Underwood
Gaylon Glenfadden
Gina Broono
Harumin Lisa
Laurel Leavitt
Lej Brouwer
Mae Li McMasters
Marko Seurat
Marni Hohnam
Miriam Szondi
Sadie Slingshot
Skylarian Isachenko
Stargazing One
Telemaco Homewood
Tigernight Sapphire
Trilby Minotaur
Xue Faith
Zack Gargasaur
Ze Moo

All images photographed in a single day, Sunday 13 March 2011, on the beach at Biscuit Bay, An Li

In the whirlwind of that single day, we were not able to acquire complete data for all the beautiful fashion worn. Please add comments below with your swimsuit and any other style info. Feel free to add Web Links and Landmarks.

Thank you to everyone! I never dreamt I would have such a career, but it feels right. Perhaps I have learned a little bit about myself. I hope you enjoy the issue and I hope you will join us next month for Issue No.2!

— Xue Faith
Editor, Avatars Illustrated

Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

7 thoughts on “Swimsuit Edition

  1. kk guys, here’s my outfit:

    Bikini Top: “J’s Front Lace-up Bra” by JB Gazov
    Bikini Bottom: “G88” by Jackie Graves
    Shoes: “J’s Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals” by JB Gazov
    Belt, Bracelets & Anklet by Monica Benelli
    Sunglasses: “Electra” by Solar Flare

    Eyes: “Bullfrog” by Winter Ventura
    Skin: “Dr Life Crystal Natural” by Leena Ying
    Shape: “Pai” (157cm C-cup) by Circe Ishtari
    Eyebrows: “Pai Western” by Circe Ishtari
    Hair: “TGL Hei” by Circe Ishtari
    Animation: “Amacci Posh” by Carina Larsen
    Navigation: “MystiTool” by Mystical Cookie
    User Interface: “Phoenix 818” by the Phoenix Team
    Virtual World: “Second Life” by Philip Rosedale, et al

    — Xue Faith

  2. wearing the BARELY THERE SWIMSUIT (BLUE) from Reasonable Desires.

    boots by Drakke

  3. wearing the BARELY THERE SWIMSUIT (RED) from Reasonable Desires.

    shoes from PUR10

  4. Trilby’s Style Card

    Victorian bathing costume

    “Victorian bathing suit”: Le Grenier du Chateau
    “Rapunzel” hair: Alli&Ali
    “Lace Parasol”: M’Lady, included in “Admirals Lady”
    “Victorian Parasol AO”: Creative Insanity

    Vintage swmsuit

    “L’Amour Rouge Swimsuit”: Vita Bella
    “Jennifer” hair: LeLutka
    “Boogie Woogie” hair: Ingenue
    White sunglasses: PATY, included in “Trevi”
    “Magic of Witch” nails: Candy Nail

    Shape: Heaven’s Shape
    Skin: Curio
    Eyes: Exile

  5. WoW!

    As listed above, AI has 5 initial locations where you can fetch a “physical-virtual” free (beer & speech) copy of the magazine. It turns out that our man in The Netherlands (as opposed to “that woman” in The Netherlands) Ze Moo, has installed AI vendors at THREE exciting locations!

    And really, who doesn’t want to get their copy of the Swimsuit Edition in Virtual Amsterdam!?

    MetaMeets, Virtual Holland

    Berlin in 3D Mitte, Alexanderplatz

    Amsterdam De Dam, Paleis van Oranje, Nationaal Monument

    Thank Yoo, Mr Moo!

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