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Photograph of Nadya Tolokno, her husband Pyotr Verzilov, her daughter Gera, and a 4th unknown person. They are in a clearing in the woods. Tolokno fills a bottle with water from a stream. Verzilov holds Gera in his lap.
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Dear Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (a letter to) #3

Хорошо, это должно быть время, чтобы утомлять вас другая древняя история фотографии . Опять же из моей бывшей танцевальной карьеры . На этот раз нет ” почти друг ” в фотографии. Это всего лишь я . С 1996 года. Оно было принято на Koninklijk консерватории в Гааге. Мы работали на кусок основанный на жизни Анны Франк .

Dear Nadya. Nadya Tolokno. Nadezhda Andreyevna Tolokonnikova. Наде́жда Андре́евна Толоко́нникова. Nadya Tolokno with 2 friends in a wooded area. Tolokno wears an orange top and white overalls. Her hair is up in a blue bandana. The friends smile for the camera, yet Tolokno seems more pensive.
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Dear Nadya (a letter to) #2

Dear Nadezhda,

How has your week been? My week has gone pretty well. I am back at the university now. I teach art there. I have a lot of general education “art appreciation” students. Last week we tried some painting. This week they will be doing a big photography project. I see them tomorrow. After that I will go kayaking for a while.

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Diary #22

AMSTERDAM, 1996 — The Treachery of Heels. THE HAGUE, 2012 — We’ve already established that I’m a…

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Diary #20

KONINKLIJK CONSERVATORIUM, 1996 — Me, being a dweeb with my camera’s self timer and a tripod. THE…

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Diary #12

SAN DIEGO, 1996 — Eight years earlier the University of California, San Diego had altered the trajectory…