VB Previz #41 – Multiverse

VB24 – Multiverse

Saturday, 12 February 2011, 8-10pm GMT
a simultaneous performance on the Reaction, InWorldz, and Second Life grids

Hi Guys,

I guess everybody knows that the peeps from Burn2 banned Vaneeesa’s VB22 – The House with the Ocean View. Or, “moderated” it out of existence, as Mr. Moo likes to say.

Anyways, the house finally gets to be lived in! And in more worlds than you can shake a stick at! On Saturday the 12th of Feb, at 8pm GMT we’ll have three houses being simultaneously lived in on three worlds.

I’ll be in the house at Biscuit Bay, An Li in Second Life; Vaneeesa will be at the house at VB/CO in InWorldz, and we haven’t got a location on the Reaction Grid nailed down yet, but we’re workin on it!

Here’s V’s original previz for VB22:

VB24 – Multiverse isn’t gonna be NINE DAYS! like Burn2, but from 8-10pm GMT (that’s Noon-2pm SLT for those of us that still live here! πŸ™‚ we’re gonna try to have as many peeps as we can “live” in each of the three houses.

And instead of an hour in each room it’ll be 15 minutes. Also, it isn’t a “Dining Room” anymore, it’s been changed to a Yoga / Pilates studio. So we’ll start in that room on all 3 worlds and then go counter-clockwise every 15 minutes:
* Yoga / Pilates Room
* Dance Club
* Sex Bed Room
* Prim Baby / Tiny Nursery

And we’ll go in a circle again for the second hour.

It’s a Small Multiverse After All! πŸ™‚

Hope everybody had a nice Christmas! Your poor, starving nurse with the dad who’s still spoiling her rotten had a really nice time. And ate so much!


β€” Aero

I grew up in Friday Harbor, WA, and went to school at UBC Vancouver where I received a BSN in 2003. Now I'm a nurse at Children & Women's Health Center of BC. I wish I could tell you I went clubbing every night after work, but those days are pretty much behind me. My boyfriend is a bit of a gamer, but I'm not fond of battles & killing stuff, so I rarely join him. Sometimes I play Second Life instead: it's fun to unleash my inner cheerleader! :)

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