Rezday Party @Two Fish!

Rezday Party @Two Fish!

I just started my SL Dance Club bloggin career a couple days ago, and we already need different categories!

There’s the “there all the time” places like Dance Island where Shanna & I have so much fun dancin’ (will blog about them soon)

And then there’s “Art Places” where you can dance sometimes, like at openings. Or Art Places where there’s other fun stuff and a little dancin, like Ali Goldflake’s Underworld that’s like an “amusement park” but includes some Salsa Dancin (ooh, can’t wait to try that!!)

So let’s have 2 categories on the blog now, “Virtual Dance Club” for places like Dance Island, and “Virtual Dance Art” for places like Ali’s Underworld.

And the amazing “Virtual Dance Art” for today is Ze Moo’s rezday party from Saturday at Rose Borchovski’s Two Fish sim:

So it’s not really a dance place… it’s an art sim where we had a party… but wow… we danced for hours!!!!! SO FUNNNN!!!!!!!

Mr. Moo said,

The great music set at this party was by DJ Eif (Eifachfilm Vacirca) of d-oo-b Mp3:

It was really eclectic! I’ve never heard such a combination of stuff like that!!

Mr. Moo’s party was a lot of fun for us and I hope a lot of fun for him toooo!!!
Here’s a few pix on the blog, and lots more on flickr:

And there’s cool videos too, like from NicoleX Moonwall:

And from Clovis Luik:

Saturday was, or actually TODAY, Tuesday the 11th IS Mr. Moo’s FOURTH Rezday! (he’s SO old!!!!!)


— Aero

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