Dancing at Russian Club Luxor on the New Russia sim of Second Life

Russian Club Luxor

Dancing at Russian Club Luxor on the New Russia sim of Second Life
Dancing with the cool kids at Russian Club Luxor – so fun!


OMG I danced at the coolest place last night: Russian Club Luxor. k, it might have been even cooler if I actually spoke Russian or at least got that Google Translator working, but still, it was so fun anyway. Great music and lots of cool peeps to dance with. کϮⒶکϦЌⒶ (kazanrubinka) had the coolest hoodie ever, and SuperShica had these cool skeleton sweats on.

Also the guys seemed cool and not jerks. Well, maybe they would have been jerks if I spoke Russian, IDK. But they seemed cool. They didn’t dance too much though. More girls dancing. But OMG, ⑪Д-Ю-Ẋ-Ắ⑪ (darckdevill) had the hottest moves in the whole club. Anyway, live DJ, music in every language, peeps mostly speak Russian, and cool avi’s, not dance club stereotypes. Well, haha, maybe stereotypes, but ones that seem cooler anyway!

New Russia/133/209/22
Russian Club Luxor / Foursquare

supa’fun times @Russian Club Luxor! click da pix for slide show, then use arrow keys to flip thru!

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