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Title graphic of Vanessa Blaylock in a white dress wearing Google Glass on a catwalk runway with a white background and with superimposed typography "Vaneeesa Confessions of a Google Fangirl"
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Confessions of a Google Fangirl

Vanessa a Google fangirl? Strange but true! I love Google! Google+ Rocks! I want to have Vic…

Vaneeesa Blaylock descending the steps of the federal courthouse in San Jose, CA after her losing her appeal against Google Inc. today
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The Public Square

ROBERT F PECKHAM FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SAN JOSE, 2 May — Today Google Inc. made permanent their ban…

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VB Previz #53 – Isomorphic

Isomorphic (1862) – being of identical or similar form, shape, or structure. In abstract algebra, an isomorphism…

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Mourning the Facebook Dead

If you need still more irony in your breakfast cereal, consider that the fictional film “Avatar” was #1 at the box office again this week… even as real Avatars are being executed on Facebook!