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VB03 – Veinticinco Mujeres

VB03 LINKS • VB03 PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT • The Cast of VB03 • VB03 Rehearsal Images • VB03…

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VB Previz #1 – Golden / Red

I found a cool wardrobe previsualization tool: Looklet You’ll find me there at: http://looklet.com/user/25068 This is the…

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300 Friends

In this frame you’ll notice a giant blob of friend-protoplasm threatening to take over this Friend Network Visualization! Yes, it’s that tightly interconnected army of Second Lifers!

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Big Thunder Mountain

Space Mountain is a “ride,” and that ride is more about Space Mountain than it is about you. Facebook is also a “ride,” and Facebook is more about Facebook than it is about you.

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High Heels

NEW CALEDON, 30 May — With VB03 – Veniticinco Mujeres, our new, largest-to-date performance work, featuring “veinticinco…

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Eloh Eliot

In the middle of a barren snow drift in Lippert stands, unexpectedly, a small patch of sunflowers….

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218 Friends

This just happens to be the exact same number of “real/meaningless” “friends” that, uh, “someone” I know took almost 3 years on Facebook to acquire.

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Charlie White

I’ve seen some of Charlie White’s work in the past, like his Alien at a Cocktail Party…

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VB03 – Cast & Venue Set!

VB03 LINKS • VB03 PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT • The Cast of VB03 • VB03 Rehearsal Images • VB03…

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VB02 – Peggy Sue

Is an avatar a “real” girl? Or some mixed-metaphor of Barbie x Pinocchio? In VB02 Peggy Sue, 9 identical avatars, complete with “Talking Barbie” pull-strings come to life, if only for a moment.

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100 Friends

The reason my FB account is under the name “Vanessa Blaylock” and not my “real” name Vaneeesa Blaylock, is that when I signed up, Facebook said that the name “Vaneeesa” was unacceptable because “too many repeating letters” – not allowed!

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Joined Facebook yesterday. Here’s a “Touchgraph” of my “Social Network”

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6000 Degrees

Here are some excerpts from my 2003 work 6000 Degrees. As you can see in the video…

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Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock: Born: 25 April 1969, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC BFA Choreography: June 1991, Hong Kong…

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VB01 – Girl Next Door

(click on any image to view a larger version of it) I had my SL debut performance…